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Welcome to the website of Smithy's Superb Celebrations.
Hi, I am Graham Smith, that's me down there in the corner, the one with the grey hair!

Let me tell you a bit of my history .
I am a highly skilled professional with thirty plus years experience of working in the community / welfare sector.  I have worked with people from a variety of settings, socio economic backgrounds, from the city, country and the remote desert areas of Central Australia.

While living and working in the traditional culture of the western desert region around Alice Springs, I learnt the importance of ceremony. 
For aboriginal people, going to or being part of a ceremony is a sacred time to stop and focus on the event as it connects them to life and the world they live within.  It is from this experience that I will endeavour to make your ceremony a milestone in your life. Celebrating in a professional manner a naming, your wedding, a special event of life, a commitment ceremony, a new home or the passing of a friend or family member.  

I believe my 'life experiences' (and I've had a few) have prepared me for my role as a professional celebrant. I have a specific focus and attention to detail, bringing out the best in people.  My aim is to work with you in making your celebration one that will be a memorable experience for you, your family and the friends who attend your ceremony.  Making the event one you can look back on as your 'Celebration Connecting Life!
I can offer you the following services;
         - I am a registered Marriage celebrant (A11152).
         - Am available to perform funerals.
         - Will perform Naming Ceremonies (Baby or other).
         - Enjoy the pleasure of performing a 'Renewal of Vow' ceremony
 to celebrate vows made many years ago. 
         - Sharing with a couple as they make 'Vows of Commitment' in
a specially designed ceremony.
         - Offering to the owners of their pet a ceremony that will respect their passing. 
         - To work with you in designing any other  'Celebration of Life' you choose!
         - Justice of the Peace(JP) &
Master of Ceremonies (MC).